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Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Biden sure about $60bn Ukraine aid package vote with confidence.

US President Joe Biden has assured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky of $60 billion in military aid amidst escalating tensions in Europe. This aid is crucial to prevent a “catastrophic” situation in the region, with the US attributing Ukraine’s withdrawal from Avdiivka to a lack of Congressional support. The fall of Avdiivka, a strategic town near the Russian-seized Donetsk region, marks a significant gain for Russia in the ongoing conflict.

Earlier this week, the US Senate approved a $95 billion foreign aid package, which includes the $60 billion allocated for Ukraine. However, this package still faces challenges in the House of Representatives due to divided opinions within the Republican Party. President Biden has emphasized the importance of supporting Ukraine in its fight against Russia, stressing the need for ammunition and resources to defend themselves effectively.

Ukrainian President Zelensky has urged US lawmakers to approve the financial aid package, highlighting the critical role of Western allies in supporting Ukraine against the much larger Russian military force. The situation in Avdiivka and the broader conflict zone underscores the urgent need for international support to prevent further territorial gains by Russia and to deter further escalation of the conflict in Europe.

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