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General Motors cuts 940 jobs, closes Arizona IT center – report

Automaker General Motors (GM) is set to cut around 940 IT jobs in Arizona as part of its efforts to streamline operations and reduce redundancies. The company will close its Arizona IT Innovation Center in October while retaining its other three centers. Some employees working on vehicle software will remain in their roles, and those being laid off will have the option to apply for other openings at GM. GM’s VP of Information and Digital Technology, Stacy Lynett, stated that the company plans to transition some of the work from the Arizona center to other locations.

These job cuts come shortly after GM’s decision to eliminate approximately 500 executive-level and salaried positions to reduce costs. It was later revealed that all salaried personnel with over five years of service were offered a buyout. The company aims to consolidate its IT innovation centers to enhance efficiency, resulting in the closure of one center in Arizona. Despite the reduction in workforce, GM remains committed to maintaining its operations and ensuring a smooth transition for affected employees.

The move by GM aligns with the ongoing trend of companies seeking to streamline their operations and cut costs. By consolidating its IT innovation centers, GM aims to eliminate redundancies and enhance efficiency. The decision to retain certain employees and provide opportunities for job transfers demonstrates the company’s commitment to supporting its workforce during times of change. As GM continues to adapt to the evolving automotive industry, these measures are intended to position the company for long-term success.

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