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Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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TuneCore’s ‘Priority Payouts’ Program: Customized Royalty Splits Made Easy

TuneCore, an independent platform for self-releasing artists owned by Believe, has expanded its Splits program that was announced earlier this year. The new feature called Splits: Priority Payouts allows artists to prioritize the order in which collaborators are paid. With this feature, creators can allocate and distribute revenues for each track according to their preferences. This program allows self-releasing artists to recover recording costs ahead of collaborating and provides a mechanism for artists to negotiate with producers. TuneCore aims to foster a vibrant independent creator community that encourages collaboration while ensuring fair compensation for collaborators.

TuneCore CEO Andreea Gleeson stated that the company is introducing Splits: Priority Payouts to offer artists more ways to customize and automate their revenue splits. Artists enrolled in a paid UNLIMITED plan through TuneCore’s Splits offering can access Priority Payouts. Those using TuneCore’s free New Artist plan can access splits with an annual fee of $7.99 via the Splits Collaborator add-on. This program is part of TuneCore’s ongoing efforts to make artists’ lives easier and follows their previous offering of unlimited music distribution for indie artists. TuneCore has also launched services for artists to distribute music to social platforms like TikTok and Instagram, and became the distribution partner for TikTok’s SoundOn music distribution service.

Headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, TuneCore operates offices in Los Angeles and Nashville, with a global presence across five continents. They have already paid out $3 billion in royalties to artists since their establishment in 2006. With the Splits: Priority Payouts feature, TuneCore aims to provide artists with the tools to automate financial tasks associated with releasing music, ultimately creating a vibrant independent creator community that encourages collaboration, experimentation, and fair compensation for all collaborators.

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