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Picking Opportunities: Adding Shares of Three Oversold Companies – CNBC (max. 10 words)

The first news article, titled “We’re picking our spots and buying more shares of three companies in a market tilting oversold,” discusses the strategy of selectively investing in oversold companies. According to CNBC, some stocks have experienced a significant drop in value, creating opportunities for investors to buy at lower prices. The author highlights three specific companies that they believe are worth considering in this current market climate.

In the second news article, “Snap’s Uphill Struggle For Revenue Beyond Advertising; Can Privacy Save Money?” from AdExchanger, the focus is on Snap Inc.’s efforts to generate revenue outside of advertising. The article explores the challenges the company faces in diversifying its revenue streams and suggests that privacy-focused features could potentially be a source of income. Snap’s management has been trying to differentiate itself from other social media platforms by emphasizing user privacy, which might help the company monetize its user base in unique ways.

The third news article, “Cheap stocks to buy after the worst sell-off in months,” also from CNBC, discusses the opportunities presented by the recent sell-off in the stock market. The article mentions that certain stocks have become undervalued due to the market downturn and suggests that this could be an advantageous time to invest. The author provides recommendations on cheap stocks that investors could consider purchasing after their significant decline in value.

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