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Saturday, December 9, 2023
HomeLatest NewsAttacks on US forces in Syria increase following Sunday strikes.

Attacks on US forces in Syria increase following Sunday strikes.

US forces were reportedly attacked by Iran-backed groups in Syria at least four more times following US military air strikes on targets associated with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard corps. The attacks took place after the US struck a training facility and safe house near the cities of Abu Kamal and Mayadin, with no injuries or damage being reported from the latest attacks. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin emphasized that the safety of US personnel is a top priority, leading to the US strikes on Sunday.

The attacks involved a mix of rocket and drone attacks across four different locations, resulting in no casualties or infrastructure damage. They marked at least 52 attacks against US and coalition forces since October 17, with at least 56 troops being injured in the attacks by Iranian-backed groups. This has resulted in concerns over the ongoing conflict and the need for the attacks to cease, as the US aims to hold Iran responsible for the attacks against US forces.

The US has targeted IRGC-associated facilities to disrupt and degrade the freedom of action and capabilities of IRGC and affiliated forces directly responsible for attacking US forces. While the US does not seek conflict and has no desire to engage in further hostilities, it is crucial for the Iran-backed attacks against US forces to stop. The presence of IRGC-related militia personnel at the facilities targeted in the strikes adds another layer to the ongoing tensions between the US and Iran.

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