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Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Bolsonaro refutes coup accusations during presidency in Brazil.

Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro addressed tens of thousands of supporters in São Paulo, claiming he has been a victim of political persecution since leaving office just over a year ago. He vehemently denied allegations of a coup against him after losing the 2022 election, calling them a “lie” and calling for amnesty for his supporters convicted of attacking public buildings. Bolsonaro dismissed the accusations as politically-motivated and urged the country to move on from the past.

At the rally in São Paulo, Bolsonaro discussed the upcoming presidential elections in 2026 and emphasized the need to protect freedom of speech. Supporters wearing the colors of the Brazilian flag gathered to demonstrate for freedom and express their concerns about threats to imprison Bolsonaro for expressing his opinions. Despite unproven claims of election fraud and warnings from Bolsonaro to refrain from criticizing institutions like the Supreme Court, the rally was a show of solidarity and defiance against perceived repression.

The speech by Bolsonaro, closely monitored by authorities for incitement and undermining the electoral system, comes in the wake of his supporters storming government buildings in Brasília after his election loss. Several allies have been arrested for spreading doubts about the electoral system, fueling fears of a potential coup. Bolsonaro’s return to Brazil in 2023 and subsequent speech underscore his continued influence in Brazilian politics, particularly on the right.

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