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Flooding Near Tusayan Leads to Over 100 Evacuations in Grand Canyon

Heavy flooding near the entrance of Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona has led to shelter-in-place orders, power outages, and over 100 evacuations. The area received 2 to 3 inches of rain in a short period of time, causing flash flooding up to 3 feet deep in the town of Tusayan and on State Route 64, the southern entrance to the park. Although there have been no reported injuries, the flooding has prompted the closure of the highway and disrupted local services.

The Coconino County Sheriff’s Office has asked visitors to avoid all travel to and from Tusayan until the floodwaters recede. Grand Canyon Unified School District took precautions by sheltering approximately 70 students on school property until they could be reunited with their families. Power outages have also been reported in the area as crews work to clear damage caused by the flooding.

Authorities are coordinating an urgent response to the situation and mobilizing resources to assist with emergency shelters and debris removal. A flood advisory remains in place until Wednesday morning, with warnings of standing water on roadways and continued flooding in some buildings. The extent of the damage caused by the flooding is evident in images shared by Grand Canyon National Park, showing significant flooding and a law enforcement vehicle partially submerged in water.

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