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Meatball, a social media influencer, discusses livestreamed looting on NBC10 Philadelphia

Dayjia Blackwell, a popular social media influencer known as “Meatball,” has been released from jail after being arrested for her alleged involvement in the looting that took place in Philadelphia on Tuesday night. In an interview with NBC10, Blackwell expressed her desire to never go back to jail and to stay out of trouble. The 21-year-old’s livestream on Instagram captured the crime spree, garnering attention from her more than 180,000 followers. However, both the police and the city’s District Attorney’s office claim that Blackwell actively encouraged others to participate in the looting and other criminal activities.

During the chaos, Blackwell was seen in her livestream cheering on the crowd as they robbed the Apple store in Center City, shouting “free iPhones.” She was also seen accompanying the crowd as they moved to different stores and areas of the city. Consequently, Blackwell has been charged with burglary, conspiracy, rioting, and other felony charges. While her mother did not want her to speak with reporters, Blackwell took to social media to thank her followers for the support and revealed that the experience has left her scared and traumatized. She is scheduled to appear in court on October 17.

In summary, Dayjia Blackwell, a well-known social media influencer, has been released from jail after being accused of instigating the looting in Philadelphia. Her livestream on Instagram showcased the crime spree and gained attention from her large following. Authorities contend that she actively encouraged others to engage in criminal activities during the looting. Blackwell has been charged with multiple felony charges and will appear in court in mid-October. Despite her release, she expressed fear and trauma from the experience on social media.

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