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Hints and Solutions for ‘Connections’ #108 in NYT’s ‘Connections’ September 27 Edition

The latest word game from The New York Times, called Connections, has gained popularity among the public. Created by associate puzzle editor Wyna Liu, the game requires players to find common threads between four words in each grouping of 16 words. The game can be played on web browsers and mobile devices, and players can rearrange the board and share their results on social media. Each grouping is color-coded based on difficulty, and players have up to four mistakes before the game ends.

To assist players with today’s puzzle, the following hints were provided: for the yellow category, the commonality is “yields from a tree”; for the green category, it is “sweet desserts”; for the blue category, it is “a victim of a crime”; and for the purple category, it is “objects with round openings”. Today’s connections fall into the categories of “produced by trees”, “candy store treats”, “target of a scheme”, and “things with eye(s)”. The correct answers for today’s puzzle are: ACORN, CONE, POLLEN, SAP for “produced by trees”; CHOCOLATE, GUM, LICORICE, LOLLIPOP for “candy store treats”; CHUMP, FOOL, MARK, SUCKER for “target of a scheme”; and FACE, HURRICANE, NEEDLE, POTATO for “things with eye(s)”.

Players who didn’t guess the answers should not feel discouraged, as new connections will be available tomorrow with more helpful hints. The article also provides a link to yesterday’s Connections hints and answers for those interested.

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