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Introducing Joule: SAP’s Own AI Assistant for Enterprise Applications

German enterprise giant, SAP, has announced its new AI assistant called “Joule” for its enterprise customers. The AI assistant will be integrated into SAP’s cloud enterprise suite, allowing customers to access it across various SAP apps and programs. Similar to Microsoft’s Windows Copilot, Joule will be available on desktop and mobile platforms. It combines technology from multiple vendors and leverages real-time customer data, providing valuable solutions based on data from SAP’s services and third-party sources. SAP has also emphasized the importance of trustworthy and secure AI, ensuring that Joule delivers accurate and ethical responses.

Joule’s capabilities are extensive, ranging from answering questions in multiple languages to offering actionable solutions based on data analysis. It is designed to be integrated into various SAP applications, covering sectors like finance, customer experience, and procurement. The AI assistant maintains context by digging deep into relevant data across SAP applications and third-party sources. With SAP’s existing AI capabilities and a focus on trustworthy and compliant AI, Joule aims to meet the needs of enterprises for reliable and secure AI solutions.

The rollout of Joule will initially be through SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Start, with plans to extend it to other SAP cloud solutions in the future. This announcement follows SAP’s investments in AI foundation model startups and partnerships with tech giants such as Microsoft, Google Cloud, and IBM. While SAP continues to expand its AI ecosystem and support AI-focused startups, it faces competition, as Amazon recently invested $4 billion in Anthropic, redirecting the loyalty of the San Francisco AI startup. Overall, SAP’s introduction of Joule demonstrates its commitment to providing AI-powered solutions for its enterprise customers.

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