Home Technology MicroCare Medical to Showcase at MD&M Minneapolis Exhibition – TechToday

MicroCare Medical to Showcase at MD&M Minneapolis Exhibition – TechToday

MicroCare Medical to Showcase at MD&M Minneapolis Exhibition – TechToday

MicroCare Medical, a company specializing in critical cleaning, lubrication, and coating technologies, will be participating in the upcoming Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) exhibition in Minneapolis. The event, taking place on October 10-11, 2023, will provide MicroCare Medical with the opportunity to showcase its innovative solutions for optimizing medical device production and performance. One of the featured products at the exhibition will be Duraglide Dry Lubricant, which is designed to eliminate stiction and improve actuation in devices such as catheters and surgical tools. This lubricant not only accelerates the assembly of medical devices but also reduces actuation forces by up to 30%.

MicroCare Medical’s team of experts will be present at the MD&M Minneapolis exhibition to provide in-depth information about their extensive range of medical products. This includes carrier fluids and swelling agents like Swellex, which are specifically engineered to address the challenge of joining tight-fitting tubing to rigid molded parts and barbed fittings. David Ferguson, the commercial sales manager at MicroCare, emphasizes the company’s commitment to innovation and its ability to design customized solutions that meet the precise requirements of medical device manufacturers. MicroCare’s solutions are aimed at improving production efficiency, device reliability, and cost-effectiveness while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Overall, MicroCare Medical’s participation in the MD&M Minneapolis exhibition serves as an opportunity for the company to demonstrate its dedication to advancing medical device manufacturing processes. By leveraging their expertise in precision cleaning, coating, lubrication, and disinfection, MicroCare aims to help manufacturers enhance yields, improve product quality, and meet regulatory standards. Their showcase of innovative fluids and products at the exhibition is expected to attract attention from industry professionals seeking reliable and efficient solutions for medical device production.

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