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Reddit Converts Gold Awards into Real Money for Top Contributors – Within 13 Words

In an effort to incentivize and reward content creators, Reddit has introduced its Contributor Program. This program allows eligible redditors to receive real-world money in exchange for their awarded content. The company has also made changes to its post/comment rewards system, getting rid of Reddit Coins and focusing solely on gold. Contributors who meet certain requirements will receive payment for gold awarded to their content.

To be eligible for the Contributor Program, redditors must be at least 18 years old, have an account in good standing, and meet the karma minimums. Those granted “standard contributor” status will earn 90 cents for each gold awarded, while “top contributors” will earn $1 per gold. To qualify as a top contributor, users must have at least 10 gold and over 5,000 karma in the last 12 months. The new payment system aims to motivate and retain active contributors on the platform.

In addition to the new payment structure, Reddit has also made changes to its interface. Gilded posts and comments will now display a gold upvote icon, replacing the standard one. Users can now award and purchase gold directly from a post, with a single gold costing $2 and up to $49 for 25 of them. The new gold system is available on mobile and will be rolled out to web users later this year. These changes, along with recent API protests, are part of Reddit’s efforts to engage and retain prolific contributors and build overall engagement on the platform.

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