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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Wordle: Answers and Hints for September 28 – Discover the Solution Today! (13 words)

The article provides hints, tips, and strategies for solving the popular word game “Wordle.” It explains that “Wordle” was originally created by engineer Josh Wardle as a gift for his partner and soon became an international phenomenon, with various fan-created versions also gaining popularity. The game became so popular that it was purchased by the New York Times, and TikTok creators even livestream themselves playing it. The article also discusses the best starting word for “Wordle” and the changes made to the game after its acquisition by the New York Times.

In addition, the article mentions that the archive of past “Wordle” puzzles used to be available for everyone to enjoy but has since been taken down at the request of the New York Times. It addresses the perception that “Wordle” is getting harder and explains that it isn’t actually any more difficult than when it first began. The article also explains why two different answers are occasionally accepted, which is due to changes made by the New York Times after acquiring the game. It concludes by revealing the solution to the specific “Wordle” puzzle mentioned in the article.

In summary, the article offers insights into the origins and popularity of the word game “Wordle,” provides tips for playing the game, discusses changes made to the game by the New York Times, and reveals the solution to a specific puzzle.

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