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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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13 Words: GOP Debate with Zero Impact on Progress

In a recent Republican presidential debate, former President Donald Trump’s absence loomed large as the candidates struggled to differentiate themselves without alienating his large base of supporters. The moderators asked all eight candidates present if they would support Trump as the Republican nominee if he were sent to jail, with all but one raising their hands in support. Governor Ron DeSantis, who is currently running second to Trump, continues to avoid attacking the former president directly and instead adopts a macho stance on other issues. The lack of direct confrontation with Trump suggests that the candidates are auditioning to be his vice-presidential running mate.

However, it is important to note that Trump is facing 91 counts across four criminal cases, each of which could potentially land him in jail. His most recent charges in Georgia will lead to the release of his police mugshot, which he could likely turn into merchandise. While the debate was airing, former Fox host Tucker Carlson interviewed Trump, which likely garnered higher viewership. Trump’s rivals struggle to compete with his passionate support base and his ability to dominate the media narrative, leaving them unable to make significant progress against him in the debate.

Overall, the Republican presidential debate highlighted the challenges faced by the candidates in trying to address Trump’s legacy without alienating his base. With Trump’s indictments and the prospect of his mugshot circulating online, the candidates failed to make a lasting impact or draw blood against the former president. As the saying goes, when you strike at the king, you must kill him, and none of Trump’s rivals were able to achieve that in this debate.

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