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Acteev® Revolutionizes Textile Solutions, Going Beyond Odour Control

Acteev®, a textile technology developed by Ascend Performance Materials, is expanding its offerings beyond odour control. The company has introduced a range of new textile solutions and soft goods applications, including a high-tenacity nylon, an anti-static fibre, and a certified bio-based nylon. Acteev TOUGH, the robust nylon 6,6 staple fibre, is designed for demanding applications such as workwear and backpacks. Acteev CLEAN is an anti-static fibre that resists hair, dust, and lint, making it suitable for clothing and household items. Acteev BIOSERVE is a sustainable nylon sourced from plants, supporting brands in achieving sustainability goals without sacrificing performance. Acteev MED offers various forms for applications like compression garments and wound care.

The Acteev team will showcase these innovative solutions at trade shows in Munich, Shanghai, Taipei, and Portland. Nikki Huffman, the global business development director for Acteev, highlighted the company’s ability to work directly with brands to create materials that solve their customers’ challenges. For example, Acteev can develop a plant-based, low-carbon garment that provides odour control and repels pet hair. This expansion into new textile solutions demonstrates Acteev’s commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its customers across various industries.

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