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Thursday, April 18, 2024
HomeBusinessAltice USA CEO discusses speculation on takeover of Charter in brief interview.

Altice USA CEO discusses speculation on takeover of Charter in brief interview.

Altice USA CEO Dennis Mathew responded to speculation about a possible takeover by Charter Communications by emphasizing three key points during a conference. He highlighted that Altice USA is a controlled company, refrained from speculating on other companies’ actions, and emphasized his focus on driving positive impact for employees, customers, and communities. Despite the takeover chatter, Altice USA’s shares have seen a significant increase in the past month.

In addition to addressing the takeover rumors, Mathew discussed Altice USA’s strategic direction, including the recent sale of Cheddar News and the company’s commitment to growing its core business without distractions. As cable TV operators face challenges with video subscriber losses due to streaming competition, Altice USA is focusing on enhancing customer experience and service offerings to remain competitive in the market. Mathew also touched on the upcoming sports streaming joint venture involving Disney, Fox Corp., and Warner Bros. Discovery, emphasizing the importance of providing customers with diverse content options.
In conclusion, Altice USA’s CEO Dennis Mathew’s comments shed light on the company’s strategic vision, commitment to growth, and efforts to navigate the evolving media landscape amidst industry developments and potential partnerships.

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