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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Biden’s dog, Commander, bites second Secret Service officer. (8 words)

In a recent incident at the White House, a uniformed division officer was bitten by President Joe Biden’s German Shepherd, Commander. The officer was promptly treated on-site by medical personnel and is reported to be doing well. The incident has shed light on the challenges faced by family pets in the stressful environment of the White House, prompting the first family to work on strategies to help Commander better navigate the unpredictable nature of the grounds. The Bidens expressed their gratitude to the Secret Service and Executive Residence staff for their ongoing efforts to ensure their safety and that of the country.

This is not the first time that Commander has displayed aggressive behavior towards Secret Service personnel. Records from the Department of Homeland Security indicate that the German Shepherd has previously bitten or attacked officers on at least 10 occasions between October 2022 and January. One incident even required a hospital visit for the injured law enforcement officer. This incident echoes a similar situation with Biden’s previous dog, Major, who was also known for biting White House staff and Secret Service personnel. As a result, Major was eventually sent to live with friends in Delaware.

The Secret Service plays a crucial role in providing security protection for the president and his family. Scores of officers are stationed around the executive mansion and its extensive grounds. Commander was gifted to President Biden by his brother James in December 2021. Alongside Commander, the Biden family also includes a cat named Willow. The recent incident highlights the ongoing efforts to manage the behavior of the presidential pets and ensure the safety and wellbeing of all individuals within the White House.

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