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Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Gannett news chain to stop using AP content after century.

The nation’s largest newspaper chain and publisher of USA Today, Gannett, has decided to end its century-old partnership with The Associated Press, cutting ties with the news agency by the end of the month. This decision, according to Gannett spokeswoman Lark-Marie Anton, will allow the company to invest more in its own newsrooms, impacting more than 200 outlets within Gannett’s network.

News of the split came from a memo by Gannett’s chief content officer Kristin Roberts, instructing editors to stop using AP’s stories, videos, and images starting March 25. Despite this development, AP spokeswoman Lauren Easton expressed disappointment and hope that Gannett would continue supporting AP beyond 2024, as they have done for over a century. The move to end the partnership highlights the evolving landscape of the media industry, with Gannett choosing to diversify its news sources by signing an agreement with Reuters to provide global news content, including video formats.

As both companies navigate the changing media landscape and financial pressures, Gannett’s decision to discontinue using AP’s journalism raises questions about future collaborations and revenue streams. While Gannett will continue to pay for AP’s election-related polling and the Stylebook guidelines, the sudden break in their partnership hints at potential negotiations and shifts in the media market. As Gannett aims to reach more viewers nationwide through its new partnership with Reuters, the industry continues to evolve, reflecting the challenges and opportunities facing traditional media companies today.

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