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Global Records aims for expansion in GSA region with impressive streams and revenues.

Romania’s Global Records, the largest independent record label in Eastern Europe, is expanding into Germany, the world’s fourth-largest recorded music market. The company has opened a new office and studios in central Berlin, with the aim of creating a bridge between Central and Eastern Europe and Western Europe. Heading up Global’s German division is Julian-Dominik Vicari, who joins from Warner Music Group-owned Spinnin’ Records. Global Records boasts a catalog of over 5,500 songs and recordings combined and has generated more than 20 billion streams to date.

In the first half of 2023, Germany generated €1.056 billion ($1.18 billion) in recorded music revenues, growing 6.6% YoY. Global Records plans to release over 550 tracks this year and has already generated 6.5 billion streams across YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music. Having achieved success with artists such as INNA and Minelli in multiple regions, Global Records aims to take advantage of the trend of hyper-localization in music scenes across Europe. The company has signed three new artists, including two from Germany and one from Italy, and has partnered with Believe Germany for digital distribution.

The German recorded music market is expected to experience steady growth in the coming years. It offers a wide range of genres and has a multicultural audience, an open club scene, and numerous radio stations dedicated to different genres and audiences. Global Records views Germany as the perfect market for its focus on dance music. The company aims to provide a creative and innovative contribution to the market while also establishing itself as a trusted partner for both established and up-and-coming talent.

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