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Government shutdown’s impact on student loans, federal employee pay, and Social Security repercussions.

With the possibility of a government shutdown looming, millions of federal employees could be furloughed and important government programs could be disrupted. If a shutdown occurs, the effects would depend on the duration and contingency plans of impacted agencies. Programs such as food assistance and nutrition programs like WIC and SNAP could be at risk, affecting millions of Americans who rely on these programs for support. Head Start programs serving disadvantaged children and free school lunch programs could also be affected. Social Security and Medicare benefits would continue, but there may be delays in customer service. Flights and travel are expected to operate relatively normally, but delays at TSA lines could occur. Passport and visa processing would continue but could stop if the buildings where the work is done are shuttered. Student loan payments would still be due, and while most loan servicing would continue, there could be delays in seeking help or assistance from the Education Department. The United States Postal Service would not be affected by a government shutdown.

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