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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
HomeBusinessMeta introduces new Quest 3 VR headset amidst growing Apple rivalry.

Meta introduces new Quest 3 VR headset amidst growing Apple rivalry.

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has announced the launch of its new VR headset, Quest 3. Priced at $499, the device is $200 more expensive than its predecessor but boasts multiple improvements including a more powerful chip, better screens, and a feature called “passthrough” that allows users to quickly see the real world outside the headset. The Quest 3 also incorporates “pancake lenses” for sharper images and higher resolution. Preorders for the device opened on Wednesday, and it is set to ship on October 10. The release of the Quest 3 comes as Meta prepares for an impending battle with Apple in the virtual reality market.

The defining feature of the Quest 3 headset is its ability to seamlessly switch between the virtual and real worlds, making it more comfortable for users to wear for extended periods. This feature, called “passthrough,” allows users to double-tap the headset to exit a virtual world and enter passthrough mode, where they can see the world around them. The device also includes other improvements such as “pancake lenses” that enhance image quality and resolution. While Meta’s Quest 3 is currently the best-selling VR headset, Apple’s Vision Pro headset, set to be released next year, poses a potential threat to Meta’s dominance in the market. However, Meta aims to match Apple’s features at a fraction of the price, positioning the Quest 3 as a gaming device with a wide range of games and apps available.

Despite Meta’s success in terms of sales, the extent to which Quest 2 owners use the headset regularly remains unclear, and the killer app that would drive widespread adoption of VR has yet to be identified. Nevertheless, Meta has invested over $21 billion in its Reality Labs division, which develops headsets and VR software. The launch of the Quest 3 puts Meta in direct competition with Apple, as both companies strive to dominate the virtual reality market. While Apple’s Vision Pro headset is expected to be more expensive and packed with advanced technology, Meta aims to offer similar features at a more affordable price point, catering to the gaming community with hundreds of games and apps available for the Quest 3.

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