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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Navy Commissioning Future Littoral Combat Ship Augusta – U.S. Department of Defense Announces

The future USS Augusta (LCS 34) will be commissioned as the newest Independence-variant littoral combat ship (LCS) in a ceremony scheduled for September 30th. The event will take place in Eastport, Maine, and will feature various speakers, including U.S. Representative Jared Golden, Vice Admiral John Fuller, and Rear Admiral James Downey. The ship’s sponsor is Leigh Saufley, President and Dean of the University of Maine School of Law. LCS 34 is the 17th ship in its class and the second naval warship named after Augusta, Maine.

The choice of Augusta as the ship’s namesake highlights the importance of Maine’s maritime history and landscape. With its rugged Atlantic coast and thriving maritime industry, Maine has made lasting contributions to the nation. Littoral combat ships (LCS) are specially designed for near-shore and open-ocean environments, capable of combatting coastal threats in the 21st century. These ships play a vital role in forward presence, maritime security, and deterrence missions worldwide.

For those unable to attend the ceremony, a live stream will be available approximately ten minutes before the event begins. Media inquiries regarding the event can be directed to the Navy Office of Information. More information on the littoral combat ship program can be found on the Navy’s official website.

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