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Spotify’s Potential ‘Supremium’ Tier: Lossless Music and AI Playlists at $19.99/month (Rumor)

Spotify is reportedly planning to launch a new subscription plan called ‘Supremium’ that will offer 24-bit Lossless music and AI-generated playlists. According to a Reddit post by user Hypixely, the Supremium plan will be priced at $19.99 per month and will also include 30 hours of audiobook listening per month. The plan is said to feature advanced mixing tools that allow users to customize their playlist order based on factors like BPM and danceability. Additionally, Supremium will offer a ‘Soundcheck’ feature that provides personalized insights into listening habits and recommends tailored mixes of sounds.

The introduction of Supremium follows Spotify’s previous announcement of a price increase for its flagship Premium subscription tier. While competitors like Apple Music and Amazon Music already offer HiFi audio as part of their standard premium plans, Spotify has been working on a HiFi feature since early 2021 but has yet to release it. However, the launch of the Supremium plan is expected to finally bring Lossless music quality to Spotify users.

The inclusion of AI-generated playlists and enhanced features like personalized DJ and advanced mixing tools demonstrate Spotify’s focus on providing a more tailored and immersive music streaming experience. With the Supremium plan, Spotify aims to compete with rivals in the high-quality audio market and offer additional value to its subscribers. The rumored features of Supremium, such as the ability to filter playlists based on mood, activity, and genre, showcase Spotify’s commitment to improving the user experience and empowering users to customize their music listening.

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