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Monday, February 26, 2024
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Top 10 Most Cost-Effective Online MBA Programs

The news article discusses the cost and details of attending Lamar University as an out-of-state, part-time student. With a tuition cost of $331 per credit and a requirement of 30 credits to graduate, the total cost for out-of-state students amounts to $9,930. The university, which was established as a junior college in 1923, offers various MBA majors and became part of the Texas State University System in 1995.

Lamar University is a public institution with a historical legacy, named after Mirabeau B. Lamar, a former president of the Republic of Texas. The university’s affiliation with the Texas State University System provides students with access to a range of academic programs, including specialized MBA majors such as construction project management and criminal justice management. Despite its junior college origins, Lamar University has evolved to offer diverse opportunities for graduate education.

For out-of-state students considering part-time enrollment in an MBA program, Lamar University presents a cost-effective option with the flexibility of various majors to choose from. As a part of the Texas State University System and with a rich historical background, the university offers a unique blend of affordability, academic rigor, and diverse educational offerings for students pursuing graduate studies.

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