Home Business UCB launches BIMZELX® for treating adults with severe plaque psoriasis in the US.

UCB launches BIMZELX® for treating adults with severe plaque psoriasis in the US.

UCB launches BIMZELX® for treating adults with severe plaque psoriasis in the US.

The groundbreaking pharmaceutical development, BIMZELX, has officially become commercially available for adults in the United States diagnosed with moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis. BIMZELX is designed to inhibit interleukin 17A (IL-17A) and interleukin 17F (IL-17F), making it the first and only psoriasis treatment of its kind. Supported by strong clinical evidence, BIMZELX has demonstrated rapid, complete, and enduring skin clearance from the initial dose. Partners in care and eligible patients will be offered BIMZELX Navigate™, a personalized support program designed to provide critical support for the patient’s overall health and journey during treatment. The BIMZELX Navigate™ program offers everything from instruction on self-administering treatments, connecting patients to Co-Pay support, and ensuring shipments and insurance status remain current. Step by step, UCB is actively in discussions with major adaptable organizations, ensuring its reach and beneficial outcomes are at the forefront, promoting affordable access for all in need. Interested potential patients living in the United States can receive more insights into BIMZELX Navigate and enroll directly at https://www.bimzelx.com/patient-support.

World-class pharmaceutical company, UCB, has launched BIMZELX, a potentially life-changing treatment for sufferers of moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis. BIMZELX Navigate™ not only offers tailored patient support but also a dedicated Nurse Navigator to personally assist with critical support, aiming to remove financial barriers and to encourage adherence through the course of treatment. Through its comprehensive studies, BIMZELX has also offered promising results, achieving superior levels of skin clearance at week 16, its speed of response is rapid, and its maintenance of response stands out to illustrate its consistent effectiveness. The ray of hope isn’t restricted to only the initial stages, with promising long-term results showing that clinical responses were maintained in the vast majority of patients for up to three years. The hurdles to treatment have been significantly reduced by UCB, making BIMZELX the latest aid to redefine wellness and transform lives. To find out more about BIMZELX and the application process, potential patients living in the United States can visit their website – https://www.bimzelx.com/patient-support. 

Truly focused on delivering comprehensive health benefits, UCB is ensuring the ko patient is left behind with the latest psoriasis treatment, BIMZELX. Offering a new lease of life, BIMZELX Navigate™ is tailored to provide essential patient support, including lessons in self-injecting treatments, the latest patient view on their BIMZELX shipments, and proactively monitoring insurance status to minimize disruptions. This all-encompassing support is further strengthened by offering Co-Pay assistance, aiming to remove financial barriers from the treatment journey. This innovative healthcare support, going beyond mere medication, offers a reflection of UCB’s commitment to making affordable care a mainstay. Interested patients living in the United States can delve deep into the world of BIMZELX Navigate and access its numerous benefits at https://www.bimzelx.com/patient-support. UCB aiming to leave no stones unturned in ensuring easy access to its innovative medication, is actively participating in discussions with major adaptable organizations to ensure the path to wellness of patients is clear and hassle-free. With a focus on affordability and sustainability, BIMZELX Navigate is sure to change the lives of the millions in the US living with severe skin conditions like psoriasis. For further information, anyone can feel free to contact UCB: Investor Relations or U.S. Communications with the email addresses provided. Providing a promising milestone, this latest medication, along with the tireless support of UCB, undoubtedly presents a step forward in the evolution of healthcare solutions.

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