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WK Entertainment and Hits Don’t Lie Partner for New Endeavors

Latin music management firm WK Entertainment, headed by CEO Walter Kolm, has formed a strategic partnership with producer Andres Castro’s Hits Don’t Lie. The agreement includes a co-management deal with Puerto Rican duo Zion & Lennox and Colombian artist Silvestre Dangond. Dangond, who has had a successful career spanning over two decades, has achieved numerous accolades and his hit songs have garnered millions of views on YouTube. Meanwhile, Zion & Lennox, with a career of 22 years, have had multiple hits and have reached the top of the charts. The partnership is expected to bring new opportunities for these artists and further enhance their careers.

Silvestre Dangond expressed his confidence in the partnership and his excitement about exploring new horizons. He praised Walter Kolm’s vision and the important role he has played in his international success. Dangond also highlighted the exceptional talent of Andres Castro as a songwriter and producer. Zion & Lennox, on the other hand, expressed their happiness and blessings at joining the new team and the positive changes they expect to come from this partnership. Walter Kolm, CEO of WK Entertainment, expressed his excitement about the partnership and praised both Dangond and Zion & Lennox as phenomenal artists with long-standing successful careers.

WK Entertainment has expanded its presence in the Latin music management industry and currently ranks first in Miami in the list of “The World’s Leading Artist Management Companies.” The company’s roster of artists includes renowned names such as Maluma, Carlos Vives, and CNCO. The partnership with Hits Don’t Lie and the inclusion of Zion & Lennox and Silvestre Dangond in their management will offer a comprehensive and powerful management experience for these artists.

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