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Monday, February 26, 2024
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Arkansas State Treasurer Updates 2003 Financial Disclosure Report

Arkansas Treasurer Larry Walther has amended his annual financial disclosure report for 2023 to report that the State Financial Officers Foundation paid $1,887.72 in travel-related expenses for meetings held in Plano, Texas from August 28-31. This correction was made after an initial error on the report, which incorrectly stated an expense of $1,348.76. The foundation’s mission is to promote responsible public policy and educate Americans on the role of financial management in a free market economy.

A spokeswoman for the state treasurer’s office, Heather McKim, explained the mistake as a reporting error that was caught within 15 minutes, but was mistakenly scanned in by the Secretary of State’s office. Walther was appointed by Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders to fill the vacancy left by the death of the previous treasurer and will hold the position until January 2025. An election will be held on November 5 to select a new state treasurer to serve the final two years of the term.

This correction on the financial disclosure report highlights the importance of accurate reporting, especially in the context of public office and financial management. The State Financial Officers Foundation’s contribution to the treasurer’s travel expenses brings to light the organization’s support for fiscally responsible public policy and education on financial management in a free market economy. Despite the error, the situation was quickly addressed and rectified, demonstrating a commitment to transparency and accountability in public office.

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