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August 24 Live Updates: Dow and S&P in Today’s Stock Market – Bloomberg

The stock market experienced a decline as bond yields surged, signaling concerns about inflation. Both the Dow and S&P 500 fell, erasing their earlier gains. Investors are closely watching Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s speech at the annual Jackson Hole economic symposium for any hints of policy changes in response to rising inflation. Powell’s remarks will influence market sentiment and potentially impact future investment decisions.

Wednesday’s market performance reflected the cautious sentiment among investors. The bond market saw a significant increase in yields, destabilizing stocks. Bond yields spiked due to concerns about inflationary pressures and the potential for the Federal Reserve to taper its bond-buying program. As a result, the Dow and S&P 500 surrendered their earlier gains, highlighting the market’s sensitivity to economic indicators and the Fed’s monetary policy.

Investors are eagerly awaiting Powell’s speech at the Jackson Hole symposium. Powell’s comments will be closely scrutinized for signals of potential changes in monetary policy to tackle rising inflation. The market is particularly interested in any indication of when the Federal Reserve might start reducing its monthly bond purchases. Powell’s remarks have the potential to shape market expectations, influencing the decisions of investors and businesses alike.

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