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Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Consumer confidence in Japan drops slightly to 35.2 in September from 36.2 prior


Consumer sentiment in Japan has continued to decline towards the end of the third quarter, with all categories experiencing a drop. According to the data, overall livelihood dropped to 32.0, showing a decrease of 0.9. Income growth also decreased slightly to 38.7, reflecting a drop of 0.3. Employment sentiment was at 41.1, a decline of 1.6, indicating a decrease in confidence about the job market. Additionally, consumers’ willingness to purchase durable goods fell to 29.0, representing a 1.0 decrease.

Expanded summary:

In Japan, consumer sentiment has seen a further decline as the third quarter draws to a close. All areas of consumer sentiment have been affected by this downturn. Overall livelihood, which indicates the general well-being of consumers, experienced a decrease of 0.9, dropping to a level of 32.0. This decline may reflect concerns about the overall economic situation in the country.

Income growth, another category closely monitored, also saw a small decrease. It dropped by 0.3, resulting in a sentiment measure of 38.7. This decrease suggests that consumers are becoming more cautious about their financial situation, potentially affecting their spending behavior.

Employment sentiment also took a hit, dropping by 1.6 to a level of 41.1. This decline could indicate a lack of confidence in the job market, leading to increased uncertainty among consumers about their employment prospects.

Furthermore, the sentiment towards purchasing durable goods, such as big-ticket items, declined by 1.0 to reach a measure of 29.0. This decrease in willingness to buy durable goods highlights a growing pessimism among consumers, possibly due to economic uncertainty and concerns about future financial stability.

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