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Finance-Focused Philanthropies: Examples and Valuable Lessons in Innovation

Barbara Buchner, Global Managing Director at CPI, will be participating in the 2023 edition of Building Bridges – Action Days. This event features a crowd-sourced program of events organized by the Building Bridges Community, aimed at fostering dialogue and collaboration within the field. The program includes panel discussions, fishbowl conversations, workshops, and research presentations.

In particular, Buchner will be part of a 60-minute fishbowl session that focuses on showcasing innovative finance vehicles created by non-profit organizations and supported by philanthropies. The session aims to explore the challenges these organizations faced during their development and share the lessons learned that can inspire others to pursue similar approaches.

The session at Building Bridges – Action Days provides a platform for non-profit organizations to highlight their financial initiatives and discuss the hurdles they encountered during their implementation. By sharing their experiences and insights, these organizations hope to inspire others to adopt similar strategies to address pressing global issues. The event aims to encourage collaboration and learning within the philanthropic sector, ultimately driving greater innovation and effectiveness in addressing societal challenges.

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