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Monday, February 26, 2024
HomeFinance NewsJeff Bezos sheds nearly 12 million Amazon shares for over $2 billion.

Jeff Bezos sheds nearly 12 million Amazon shares for over $2 billion.

Jeff Bezos recently filed a statement with the US Securities and Exchange Commission to report that he sold nearly 12 million shares of Amazon stock, totaling over $2 billion. This transaction occurred in two separate sales on February 7th and 8th, according to the filing. The value of the shares of Amazon during the sales was listed as more than $2.04 billion.

The stocks were divided into five different blocks, with each block containing between 1 million and over 3.2 million shares. In addition, Bezos also disclosed another potential sale of 50 million Amazon shares with an estimated market value of $8.4 billion in a separate SEC filing. This move comes after Bezos stepped down as Amazon’s CEO in 2021 to focus on other ventures, such as his rocket company, Blue Origin, and his philanthropic efforts, despite his official address remaining in Seattle, as reports suggest that he has relocated to Miami.

This news once again highlights Bezos’ significant financial transactions, demonstrating his continued involvement and impact within the business world despite his decision to step down as CEO of Amazon. The sale of such a large number of shares indicates his ongoing engagement in shaping the direction of the company, even as he pursues endeavors outside of Amazon. Furthermore, Bezos’ relocation from Seattle to Miami, while not officially confirmed, raises questions about what influence this may have on his future business decisions and activities.

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