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Monday, February 26, 2024
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Lee Clerk’s financial reports receive national recognition for excellence.

The Lee County Clerk has been recognized with its 38th consecutive award from the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) for excellence in financial reporting. The Annual Comprehensive Financial Report received a Certificate of Achievement for Excellence, the highest form of recognition in government accounting and fiscal reporting. This 200+ page document contains detailed financial information about Lee County government’s revenue, spending, and debt information. The GFOA Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting was established in 1945 to promote financial transparency in state and local governments, and the reports are judged by accountants and financial experts nationwide.

In addition to the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report, the Lee Clerk’s Popular Annual Financial Report, titled The Sand Dollar, also earned recognition from GFOA for Outstanding Achievement in Popular Annual Financial Reporting. The Sand Dollar provides residents with essential information about their tax dollars and how they are collected, managed, and spent. Clerk Kevin Karnes expressed pride in his team of highly-skilled finance professionals, who produce these reports annually to ensure transparency of county taxpayer dollars.

Aside from being the Clerk of the Circuit Court, Clerk Karnes also serves as the Comptroller for Lee County, responsible for managing and investing nearly $2 billion of the county’s tax dollars annually, auditing and paying more than $1 billion in county bills, and collecting an average of $50 million in tourist tax annually. The Florida Constitution established the Clerk of the Circuit Court as a public trustee, responsible for safeguarding public records and public funds, and Clerk Kevin Karnes is directly elected by and accountable to Lee County residents. The Clerk also holds roles as the County Recorder and Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners, as well as the Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer, and Auditor for Lee County.

For more information about county finances and to view financial reports available from the Clerk’s office, visit

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