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Monday, February 26, 2024
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Powell Industries loses its winning streak in less than 13 words.

In a recent episode of “Mad Money,” host Jim Cramer shared his thoughts on several stocks. He expressed positivity towards Solaris, an inexpensive stock in the oil field play, stating that it is a promising speculative investment. However, when it comes to CVS, Cramer expressed concerns about the company’s inability to address theft problems effectively, leading him to not recommend it yet.

Moving on to Powell Industries, Cramer referred to it as a profitable company in the infrastructure and electricity market. He considered this sector to be one of the great plays for 2023, reinforcing his belief that Powell Industries is a winning stock. Additionally, Cramer discussed Cal-Maine Foods’ stock performance, highlighting its year-to-date performance but not providing further comments.

Lastly, Boeing was discussed, and Cramer reflected on the company’s previous decision to sell a lot of contractors, which he believed was a significant mistake. Although Boeing might dispute this, Cramer maintained his skepticism, stating that he thinks the stock could decrease further.

Overall, Cramer provided insights into the potential of Solaris and Powell Industries while expressing concerns about CVS and Boeing.

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