Home Finance News Reasons Why I’m Not Retiring Here: A Financial Perspective

Reasons Why I’m Not Retiring Here: A Financial Perspective

Reasons Why I’m Not Retiring Here: A Financial Perspective

Sheila M., a native of Tempe, Arizona, has spent her entire life in the state. However, as she nears retirement, she has made the difficult decision to move away. The driving force behind her decision is the financial strain that staying in Arizona would place on her retirement budget. She cites rising housing costs, high air conditioning bills, concerns about water scarcity, lack of adequate public transportation, and worries about skyrocketing healthcare costs as key factors in her choice to retire outside of Arizona.

For Sheila, the increasing expense of housing in Arizona, particularly in popular retirement areas, has made it unaffordable for her to find a comfortable spot in a retirement community. She also highlights the high costs of running air conditioning in the hot Arizona climate, as well as the escalating water bills due to the ongoing drought in the region. Coupled with inadequate public transportation options and concerns about future healthcare costs, Sheila felt that leaving Arizona was the best financial decision for her retirement. Despite her love for the state’s beauty and culture, she prioritized her financial stability in her later years.

As she prepares to leave, Sheila advises other Arizonans considering retirement to thoroughly evaluate their financial situation and expenses. While Arizona may have some advantages for retirees, it’s essential to weigh all costs and factors to ensure a comfortable and stress-free retirement. Sheila’s story serves as a reminder of the importance of careful retirement planning and the need to prioritize financial stability when making decisions about where to spend your later years.

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