Home Finance News September 28 S&P and Dow Live Stock Market Updates

September 28 S&P and Dow Live Stock Market Updates

September 28 S&P and Dow Live Stock Market Updates

Shares in Asia experienced a downward trend as global oil prices surged, sparking concerns about inflation and contributing to the narrative of sustained higher interest rates. This development dampened risk sentiment in some markets in the region, particularly as they approached a holiday period. The US benchmark oil price soared to $95 a barrel, marking a milestone not seen in over a year, following a decrease in stockpiles at a major storage facility. This increase in oil prices further intensified worries about the persistence of elevated inflation levels, ultimately keeping the 10-year Treasury yield at approximately 4.6%, which was its peak since 2007.

The impact of the surging oil prices on Asian markets was evident as shares experienced a downturn. Investors were cautious about the potential consequences of increased inflation, fueling a belief that interest rates would continue to rise for a prolonged period. This sentiment weighed heavily on risk appetite, particularly in countries that were preparing for a holiday break. Meanwhile, global oil prices skyrocketed to $95 a barrel, surpassing the levels observed in the past year. This surge added to concerns regarding sustained inflationary pressures, resulting in the 10-year Treasury yield remaining near its highest point since 2007 at 4.6%.

As Asian markets faced downward pressure, the surge in global oil prices exerted its influence on investor sentiment. With the US benchmark oil price reaching $95 a barrel, the highest in over a year, concerns about inflation intensified. These mounting worries contributed to a narrative of prolonged higher interest rates, prompting apprehension among investors in the region. As some markets were preparing to enter a holiday period, the impact of these developments on risk appetite was particularly apparent. Furthermore, with the 10-year Treasury yield hovering near its peak of 4.6% since 2007, the potential for sustained elevated inflation remained a key concern for investors in Asian markets.

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