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Will Bitcoin experience another price crash?

Bitcoin has experienced a bullish reversal this year, with the price increasing by 70% since hitting a low point in November 2022. Despite fears of interest rate hikes and concerns about the timing of the halving event, optimism surrounding the approval of exchange-traded funds has helped fuel Bitcoin’s upward momentum. However, the price has struggled to stay above $30,000 in recent months, leading many traders to question whether another crash is imminent before the halving event.

From a technical perspective, the Bitcoin price has stabilized around the 0.236 Fibonacci retracement level, similar to the price action seen during the 2018 BTC price correction. If history repeats itself, Bitcoin could see a breakdown from this level and drop to the next major support level at $21,500. Additionally, the strengthening US dollar poses a downside risk for Bitcoin, as the two have been negatively correlated throughout 2023. The US dollar strength index has reached its highest level since November 2022 and could further limit Bitcoin’s upside potential.

Bitcoin’s on-chain metrics provide a mixed outlook. On one hand, the Coin Day Destroyed (CDD) metric has spiked, indicating that some long-term BTC holders may be moving their coins for profit-taking or repositioning. On the other hand, Bitcoin reserves on crypto exchanges continue to decline, suggesting increasing hodling behavior among investors. Analysts are divided on Bitcoin’s future price trajectory, with some predicting a breakout above $30,000 by October, while others foresee a correction toward $18,000 based on a pre-halving fractal.

Overall, while Bitcoin has shown bullish tendencies this year, there are concerns about its ability to sustain its current price levels. Technical indicators, the strength of the US dollar, and on-chain metrics all play a role in shaping the potential future of Bitcoin’s price. Traders and investors should exercise caution and conduct their own research when making decisions in this volatile market.

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