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Basketball injury to Doug Burgum raises debate attendance concerns: CNN reports

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum was taken to an emergency room in Milwaukee after injuring himself during a pickup basketball game with his staff. The 67-year-old presidential candidate’s ability to attend the first GOP primary debate on Wednesday night is now uncertain. Burgum is one of eight candidates in the debate lineup, and a walk-through is scheduled for all candidates before the event. The debate will be aired on Fox News at 9 p.m. ET. Burgum, a wealthy former software executive, is the least-known contender on the stage and has focused his campaign on the economy, energy, and national security.

It remains to be seen if Burgum will be able to participate in the debate, following his injury during a basketball game. The governor’s attendance at the event is now in question, adding uncertainty to the lineup of candidates. All candidates, including Burgum, are scheduled to visit the event site for a walk-through on Wednesday afternoon. The debate, which will air on Fox News, is a crucial opportunity for candidates to showcase themselves and their policies to a national audience. If Burgum is unable to attend, it could impact the dynamics of the debate and the overall perception of his candidacy.

Even though Burgum has described himself as the least-known contender on the debate stage, he has managed to meet the Republican National Committee’s requirements to qualify for the debate. In July, he reached the threshold of 40,000 unique donors by giving away gift cards worth $20 in exchange for $1 donations. He also fulfilled the polling requirements and signed the pledge to support the eventual GOP presidential nominee. Burgum’s campaign, which is centered around the economy, energy, and national security, hopes to use the debate as an opportunity to introduce himself and his platform to a larger audience.

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