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BPD probes shooting near Gilmor Elementary School

In west Baltimore, police are currently investigating a shooting that occurred near Gilmor Elementary School on Monday afternoon. Responding to a reported shooting, officers arrived at the intersection of Laurens and North Gilmor streets, where they discovered an unidentified man with multiple life-threatening gunshot wounds in the rear of the 1300 block of North Gilmor Street. Despite being rushed to a hospital, the man unfortunately succumbed to his injuries. As this investigation unfolds, homicide detectives are actively examining the case. Authorities urge anyone with information to contact the Baltimore police or Metro Crime Stoppers.

The tragic incident took place in close proximity to Gilmor Elementary School, prompting heightened concern within the community. Based on observations made by SkyTeam 11, Baltimore’s sole news helicopter, police officers were seen conducting their investigation near the school premises. Meanwhile, the identity of the deceased victim remains unknown, adding another layer of complexity to the ongoing investigation. Baltimore police have called on individuals who may possess relevant information to come forward and assist in shedding light on the circumstances surrounding the shooting. Those with information are encouraged to contact the dedicated hotline or Metro Crime Stoppers.

As the investigation into the shooting near Gilmor Elementary School unfolds, Baltimore police are grappling with the tragic loss of an unidentified man who succumbed to his multiple life-threatening gunshot wounds. The incident occurred on North Gilmor Street, where officers responded to reports of a shooting. Homicide detectives have been assigned to this case and are actively exploring all possible leads. With the proximity of the crime to the elementary school, authorities are taking the matter very seriously. Police have urged those who may have any information to come forward and assist with the investigation, stressing the importance of community involvement in solving crimes and maintaining safety. To this end, individuals are encouraged to reach out to the Baltimore police or Metro Crime Stoppers hotline with any information they may have.

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