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BTK Serial Killer Identified as Top Suspect in 2 Unresolved Oklahoma Cases

Dennis Rader, also known as the “BTK” serial killer, has been identified as a “prime suspect” in two unsolved murder cases in Oklahoma and Missouri. Rader was convicted of killing 10 people in Kansas between the 1970s and 1990s. Investigators are now searching a former property owned by Rader as they look for connections to these unsolved cases. The search is particularly focused on the disappearance of Cynthia Kinney, who went missing in Oklahoma in 1976.

Rader had lived in the Park City area for many years, and two of the murders he confessed to committing took place there. The investigation has also linked Rader to the murder of Shawna Beth Garber in McDonald County, Missouri in 1990. The search of Rader’s former property, now an empty field, is being conducted by the Osage County Sheriff’s Office, Park City police, and the Kansas Bureau of Investigation.

Rader, known for his brutal killings, dubbed himself as BTK, which stands for “bind, torture, and kill.” He was arrested in 2005 and is currently serving 10 consecutive life terms in prison. Despite his incarceration, ongoing investigations have uncovered potential connections to other missing persons cases and unsolved murders in Kansas and Missouri, leading authorities to consider Rader as the prime suspect in these cases. Rader’s daughter, Kerri Rawson, has been assisting with re-opened investigations and hopes to form a cold case BTK task force to support the search for other potential victims.

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