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El Chapo’s Wife’s Release After Almost Two Years Behind Bars

Emma Coronel Aispuro, the wife of notorious Mexican drug lord El Chapo, is set to be released from a halfway house after serving almost two years in prison for her involvement in her husband’s criminal empire and his escape from custody in 2015. The 34-year-old former beauty queen was transferred to the halfway house in Long Beach, California earlier this year from a federal prison in Texas. It is still unknown what her plans are upon her release or if any additional conditions will be imposed.

Emma Coronel Aispuro gained significant attention due to her high-profile marriage to El Chapo, whose real name is Joaquín Guzmán Loera. She was sentenced to three years in prison in November 2021 after pleading guilty to aiding Guzmán in drug smuggling across the US-Mexico border and his prison escape in 2015. Despite numerous witnesses portraying Guzmán as a ruthless drug trafficker during his trial, Coronel remained fiercely loyal to her husband and defended him. As part of her plea deal, she handed over approximately $1.5 million in illicit proceeds from her husband’s illegal activities.

While Coronel’s involvement in the drug operation was acknowledged, she was not considered an organizer or leader of the criminal organization by federal prosecutors, who described her as a small part of a larger operation. Coronel’s extravagant lifestyle and active presence on social media have captivated the public’s interest. She frequently appeared at her husband’s trial surrounded by media attention. Notably, her Instagram account, which is verified and bears her name, has been inactive since December 2020.

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