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Monday, February 26, 2024
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Fatal Amish Buggy Crash Claims 2 Young Lives, Injuring 2 Others in Fillmore County, MN

Two children were killed and two others were injured in a tragic accident in southern Minnesota. An SUV crashed into a two-wheeled horse-drawn Amish buggy on County Road 1 in Fillmore County. The four children in the buggy were siblings from rural Stewartville. Wilma Miller, 7, and Irma Miller, 11, died as a result of the crash, while Alan Miller, 9, and Rose Miller, 13, were taken to the hospital with injuries. The conditions of the injured children were not provided by authorities.

This incident is the second in which children riding in an Amish buggy lost their lives in a crash within a week in the United States. The accident is currently under investigation, and no arrests have been made yet. Earlier on September 20, children aged 1 and 3 were killed when a pickup truck collided with the back of an Amish buggy in Alexandria, New York.

The tragedy has brought attention to the safety of Amish buggies and the need for stricter regulations or improvements to prevent such accidents in the future. It also highlights the importance of drivers remaining alert and cautious on the road, especially in areas where horse-drawn vehicles may be present. As the investigation continues, authorities will determine the cause of the crash and take appropriate actions to prevent similar incidents from occurring.

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