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Thursday, April 18, 2024
HomeLatest NewsFormer Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro indicted for falsifying Covid vaccine data.

Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro indicted for falsifying Covid vaccine data.

In a shocking turn of events, former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has been indicted by the country’s federal police for allegedly falsifying Covid-19 vaccination data while he was still in office. The police claim that Bolsonaro ordered his aide to input false vaccination information into the Ministry of Health’s system for himself and his daughter. Despite the evidence collected for the investigation, Bolsonaro’s lawyer vehemently denies the allegations, calling the indictment “absurd.”

The indictment of Bolsonaro and his aide, Lieutenant-Colonel Mauro Cid, along with 15 others, sheds light on the extent of the alleged fraud surrounding the Covid-19 vaccination data in Brazil. This development comes amidst mounting legal challenges for Bolsonaro, including an investigation into an attempted coup plot to remain in power after losing the 2022 presidential election. With criticism at home and abroad for downplaying the severity of the pandemic, Bolsonaro’s reputation continues to be marred by controversies and legal troubles.

The investigation into Bolsonaro’s alleged involvement in falsifying vaccination data is just the latest chapter in a tumultuous political saga for the former president. From being barred from running for political office until 2030 to facing accusations of inciting violent riots in the capital, Bolsonaro’s tenure continues to be plagued by controversies and legal battles that have repercussions both domestically and internationally.

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