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Kansas cat lost for 3 years miraculously reunited with owners in Colorado

After three years of being missing, a Kansas family has been happily reunited with their beloved cat, Sarin. The reunion occurred when an animal shelter in Durango, Colorado found Sarin on a road in a nearby town and used her microchip to track down her owners. The shelter initially assumed that the owners had not updated their address, but when they called the family, they were surprised and ecstatic to learn that their long-lost cat had been found. Thanks to the help of American Airlines, Sarin was transported back to Kansas for free. The family, who had already mourned the loss of their cat and even gotten another one, was overjoyed to have Sarin back home.

The circumstances of Sarin’s long journey from Kansas to Colorado remain a mystery. Shelter workers speculate that she may have hopped on trucks or hidden in the wheels of cars. It’s a puzzling distance for a cat to travel, but regardless of how she got there, Sarin’s story highlights the importance of microchipping pets. While microchips cannot track a pet’s location, they serve as useful identifiers. In Sarin’s case, her microchip helped reunite her with her family after all those years apart. The shelter representative emphasized the importance of keeping the contact information on the microchip up to date, as it allows shelters to easily reach out to the rightful owners and prevent unnecessary adoptions.

Overall, this heartwarming story showcases the power of microchipping and the hope it can bring to families who have lost their beloved pets. Sarin’s incredible journey back home serves as a reminder to always ensure that your pets are microchipped and that the information connected to the chip is current.

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