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Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Koch network stops funding Nikki Haley after South Carolina defeat.

Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action), backed by billionaire Charles Koch, has announced a halt in financial support for GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley after her defeat to Donald Trump in the South Carolina primary. Despite this, the group continues to endorse Haley, shifting their support to verbal endorsements rather than financial contributions. This decision marks a significant setback for Haley, who has faced funding pauses from other supporters like billionaire Reid Hoffman.

In response to AFP Action’s withdrawal of financial support, Haley’s campaign remains resolute in staying in the race through Super Tuesday on March 5. Despite the setbacks, the campaign has expressed gratitude towards AFP Action for their past assistance and remains confident in their ability to continue their campaign with support from grassroots conservatives. While AFP Action reallocates its resources towards financing Republican campaigns at the congressional level, Haley’s campaign remains determined to press forward in the presidential race.

With AFP Action redirecting its financial resources to support Republican candidates in congressional races, Haley’s campaign is left to navigate the remainder of the presidential primary without this significant source of funding. However, Haley remains steadfast in her commitment to the race and the preservation of conservative values. As she continues her campaign, the support from grassroots conservatives and her dedication to the cause signal her determination to stay competitive in the political landscape.

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