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Larry Hogan, Former Maryland Governor, Announces Senate Campaign

Former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan has announced his candidacy for US Senate, providing Republicans with a strong contender in their attempt to flip a seat in the traditionally blue state. Hogan, who is known for his moderate record and his willingness to criticize fellow Republican Donald Trump, is running on a platform of standing up to both parties, fighting for Maryland, and fixing the nation’s broken politics. He has expressed his frustration with the current state of Washington, stating that he is “completely fed up with politics as usual” and calling for change in the political landscape.

Hogan’s entry into the Senate race potentially upends the battle for control of the Senate, as Democrats currently hold a one-seat majority, and several Republican-leaning states have incumbents on defense. While Republicans have celebrated the news, Hogan may face obstacles within his own party, as the state Republican Party has embraced Trump, whereas Hogan has been critical of the former president. Additionally, Democrats are quick to nationalize the race, warning that a vote for Hogan would be a vote to make Mitch McConnell the Majority Leader and turn the Senate over to Republicans.

Despite the challenges he may face, Hogan’s strong record as governor and his successful leadership during difficult times, such as the Baltimore riots and the COVID-19 pandemic, may make him a formidable candidate in the upcoming Senate race in Maryland. With his high approval ratings, Hogan is poised to offer Republicans a competitive edge in their quest to gain control of the Senate.

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