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Minnesota police department’s entire force resigns in shocking mass exodus.


The Goodhue Police Department in southeastern Minnesota has resigned entirely due to issues with the city’s pay. Mayor Ellen Anderson Buck announced this development at a city council meeting, where discussions were initially intended to address salary increases for the department. As the entire team resigned before these discussions could take place, the city council gathered to explore alternative options for police coverage. Anderson Buck stated that the city attorney recommended pursuing other options since the police force no longer exists.

Anderson Buck confirmed that she is in contact with the Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office to discuss interim police coverage for the city. The police department will continue its duties until August 24, according to Anderson Buck, who emphasized that police coverage in Goodhue is not at risk. Despite the resignation, she assured the council that the transition to alternative coverage will be seamless.

Rebuilding the police department will be an uphill battle, according to Anderson Buck, who acknowledged that the entire police force resigning is not unusual. The mayor expressed her intention to address the issue of officers’ salaries, as comparisons were made between their earnings and welders’ salaries in the city. Anderson Buck highlighted the challenge of filling the vacancies, mentioning that there are currently 202 openings for police officers in the state of Minnesota. The next city council meeting is scheduled for August 23, and Anderson Buck hopes to have a short-term solution in place by then.

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