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Shooting at New Mexico protest against statue reinstallation

Shooting at New Mexico protest against statue reinstallation

A man was shot during a protest against the reinstallation of a statue of Spanish conquistador Juan de Oñate in northern New Mexico. The protest took place in the city of Española, where officials had planned to reinstall the statue but canceled the event due to safety concerns. The shooting occurred during an altercation that broke out at the protest, and a suspect, Ryan Martinez, has been taken into custody. The wounded man was airlifted to a hospital and his condition is currently unknown. The New Mexico State Police are investigating the incident.

The statue of Juan de Oñate, who established the colony of New Mexico over 400 years ago, was initially removed in 2020 following protests calling for its removal. Oñate had led a massacre of indigenous people and engaged in other controversial actions. Despite the postponement of the statue’s rededication, protestors still gathered at the site to express their opposition to its reinstallation. A witness captured a video showing a scuffle between a man and a group before the shooting occurred. The motive behind the scuffle remains unclear. Rio Arriba County Sheriff Billy Merrifield had advised against moving the statue at the current time due to safety concerns. He expressed gratitude towards the commissioners who decided to halt the installation of the statue.

The shooting at the protest against the reinstallation of the Juan de Oñate statue in northern New Mexico has raised concerns about public safety. The contentious history surrounding Oñate, including his involvement in the massacre of indigenous people, has fueled the opposition towards the statue. The incident highlights the ongoing debates over controversial historical figures and the symbols that represent them. Despite efforts to address the concerns and postpone the event, protests still took place, resulting in a violent altercation and the shooting. The incident has prompted an investigation by the New Mexico State Police and raises questions about the level of security and measures needed during such protests.

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