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Tonight: Cool and Damp, Wednesday to Bring Sun Back – PM Weather Update

The recent weather conditions have resulted in a lack of variability in temperatures, hovering around 60 degrees for the majority of the day. This consistent temperature range can be attributed to the presence of thick clouds and intermittent drizzle throughout the day. These weather conditions are expected to persist throughout the night and into early Wednesday. However, there is hope for a slight increase in temperatures as some breaks in the clouds are anticipated for Wednesday.

The stagnant temperature regime experienced throughout the day is primarily a result of the thick clouds covering the area. These clouds have been blocking out the sun’s rays, preventing significant temperature fluctuations. Additionally, the intermittent drizzle has further contributed to the steady temperatures. With the continued presence of clouds and drizzle overnight, the current temperature pattern is expected to persist.

Looking ahead to Wednesday, there is a glimmer of hope for a slight rise in temperatures. The anticipated breaks in the clouds for Wednesday might allow more sunlight to filter through, leading to a modest increase in temperatures. Although the overall temperature regime is expected to remain stagnant, these breaks provide a potential opportunity for a slight change.

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