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Trump campaign opposes third Republican debate: Scheduling conflicts arise over event.

The Trump campaign has declared their stance against any future Republican debates, stating that they see no benefit in continuing these events. Chris LaCivita, a senior adviser to the Trump campaign, criticized the recent Republican presidential debate hosted by Fox Business and Univision, labeling it as “boring and inconsequential.” He emphasized that nothing said during the debate would alter the primary contest dominated by President Trump. LaCivita highlighted Trump’s strong polling advantage over his GOP rivals and his competitiveness against President Joe Biden. As a result, the Trump campaign urged the Republican National Committee (RNC) to halt any further primary debates, directing focus towards challenging Biden for the presidency instead.

The Trump campaign’s determined opposition to future Republican debates emerged in a statement released just moments before the conclusion of the recent debate. They dismissed the event’s significance and argued that its outcome would have no impact on the ongoing primary race where Trump predominates. LaCivita specifically pointed out Trump’s substantial lead in the polls over other Republican candidates and the strength of his position relative to President Biden. Advocating for a strategic shift, the campaign urged the RNC to beseech their attention on defeating Biden, asserting that continuing with primary debates is a futile expense of time and resources.

This forceful plea from the Trump campaign to eliminate any further primary debates exemplifies their conviction that these events do not contribute meaningfully to the Republican primary. According to LaCivita, the recent debate failed to captivate the audience and failed to make any significant impact on the race. Instead, he called for a redirection of focus towards their ultimate objective of removing Biden from the White House. In light of Trump’s dominance in the polls and his ability to compete against the current president, the campaign voiced its belief that battling Biden should be prioritized over participating in additional primary debates.

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