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Warmer Weekend Ahead with Showers, Thunderstorms Expected

The current weather pattern in Minnesota is bringing much warmer and more humid air, leading to scattered showers and thunderstorms. Some areas have already seen significant rainfall, with estimates ranging from 1 to over 3 inches. Additional showers and thunderstorms are expected later in the day and overnight, particularly in western, central, and northern Minnesota. There is even a marginal risk of severe weather. The Duluth area is under a flood watch as they have already received over 10 inches of rain this month, and an additional 1 to 2 inches could cause flooding. Despite the rain, southern Minnesota will see more sunshine and high temperatures near or above 80 degrees, while northern Minnesota will be cooler with temperatures in the 60s. The warm weather will continue into the weekend.

Moving into Saturday, temperatures will rise even higher, with low to mid-80s expected in southern Minnesota and 60s to 70s in the northern part of the state. While there will be more sunshine, there is still a chance of thunderstorms persisting. The warm temperatures will persist into early next week before a significant drop in temperatures and rainfall occurs later in the week. Overall, the weather in Minnesota is characterized by warm and humid conditions, scattered showers, and the potential for severe weather in some areas.

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